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ATH-NJ LLC Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing Conditional Approval

On October 27th, 2022, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission(CRC), awarded ATH-NJ LLC it's conditional license for cultivation and manufacturing. We are very happy to move forward in the NJ 21+ adult cannabis market's regulatory process, for cultivation and manufacturing.

Our group was in attendance at the NJ Cannabusiness meet and great during the CRC license announcements. Shown above is the watch party where we learned about our license award from the CRC. This conditional award now enables our group to move forward in the regulatory process for adult use cannabis sales. The room was buzzing as it was very uplifting to be around fellow awardees.

During the event we had the honor of meeting business entities and individuals like ourselves, whom look to bolster the new emerging adult use cannabis market in NJ. Thank you to all of the future retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, who we had the pleasure of meeting. If you are an applicant or a licensed cannabis business entity in NJ who did not get to speak with us, please connect with us!

The event provided a good platform for New Jersey businesses alike to meet and greet, in a collaborative effort to build a strong foundation for the adult use cannabis market. The New Jersey Cannabusiness Association held a productive event and we are happy to have been included.

In our next phase of building and licensing we expect to move quickly through the remaining obstacles ahead. ATH-NJ aims to come to market as swiftly as we can, while not compromising quality or safety.

As the NJ CRC unveils its regulatory frame work for edibles, concentrates, and infused cannabis beverages, we will be articulating a full line of product offerings and existing brands, to bring to the NJ 21+ cannabis market.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to move forward in the NJ adult use cannabis market. ATH-NJ will continue to uphold our commitment to our community, our vision, and our customers.

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