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New Jersey Cultivation & Manufacturing Investment Opportunity 

NJ Adult Use Market Place

  • Estimated $2 Billion Dollar Industry by 2026  

  • Limited Cultivation  & Manufacturing  Opportunities

  • NJ Recreational Adult Use (21+) Potential Customer Base is 20M+ Adults from Tourism

  • Major Metropolitan Area (Philadelphia 21+) = 1M+ Adults

  • NJ is the Most Densely Populated State in US

  • 2023 NJ ground zero for infused products market share

  • 30% of NJ Municipalities Opted for any form of Approval

  • Site Location and  Proximity to Population Centers

Adult Use 21+ Market

ATH-NJ Licensing & Approvals / Site Control

  • Conditional Approval for 150,000 Square Feet  of Cultivation

  • Conditional Approval for 10,000+ Square Feet  of Manufacturing

  • Signed Municipal Resolution for Class 1 Cultivation and  Class 2 Manufacturing

  • Industrial Zoned Property

  • Existing Phase 3 Power with Electrical Grid Capacity Approval

  • Water Rights

  • Complete Concept Plan 

Existing NJ Adult Use Market Place

  • 12 Existing Medical “Alternative Treatment Centers” Have Converted to be Eligible to Sell Cannabis in The Adult Use Market

  • 14 Cultivators & Vertically Integrated Licensees from 2019 RFA Process Awardees Whom can Convert After They Prove to Meet Medical Market Patients Demand

  • 1 Cultivation Conversion Applicant Has Approval from the NJ CRC 

Operational Footprint 

  • 83 Acres of Land Zoned for Industrial Usage

  • 100,300 Square Foot  Canopy to Supply Distillate Production

  • 5,000 Square Foot Canopy for Indoor Craft Cannabis  Cultivation

  • 44,000 Square Feet Sealed Green house  for Economical Flower Offerings & Concentrate  Products

Business Model

  • White Label Manufacturing for Edibles, Vapes, Craft Flower Products, Concentrates, and Infused Beverages

  • Wholesale Distillate and  Biomass to Licensed Manufacturers

  • Sell Consumer Packaged Goods to Licensed Retailers  & Distributors 

Investment Opportunity

  • ATH-NJ Company Equity Offering

  • Real Estate  Ownership Offering 

  • Raising a Total of $18,000,000

2022 NJ Market Place Pricing

  • $128 Per Gram Adult Use Vape Cart

  • $85 per gram Extract/Concentrate

  • $450 per OZ Flower

  • $79.7 million in total sales between
    April 21 and June 30, 2022

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