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New Jersey Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing 


01 / Vision 

ATH-NJ believes in maintaining the highest level of dedication and compassion into growing cannabis. ATH-NJ's mission is to become a NJ licensed cannabis cultivation company. We look to be a long term community member and business citizen of New Jersey in our operations. Implementing a corporate diversity plan and community outreach program is a primary vision we promote in our company.

02 / Technology

The future of our business and industry rely on fundamental technology implemented from day one. Using A.I. and our energy efficient, grow methods we look to set the industry standard. Subsidizing our facility with solar panels and wind turbines to reduce our carbon footprint. Our grow lighting methods use 50% less electric than traditional grow lights. Retailers and distributors are able to use our online platform to preview products and place order upon testing release.  

03 / Commitment

As a company we see several commitments we must make to our community, employees, patrons, government, and our planet.  These commitments continually evolve and will help identify how we can do more.  A Commitment to social equity, a positive work space, product quality control, regulatory compliance, and sustainable green energy practice, are all held as core values of ATH-NJ.

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ATH-NJ is a conditional award winner for cultivation and manufacturing. We encourage all applicants and licensed NJ Cannabis Distributors, Retailers, and Delivery Services, to sign up for our email list. We will provide up to date information on our company's offerings. 


Our Story

ATH-NJ was founded by individuals who have a deep passion and understanding for cannabis. Our group has over 8 years of experience cultivating and manufacturing. We are ecstatic at the opportunity to cultivate and process adult use cannabis in New Jersey. We see tremendous benefits from cannabis that are soon to be accessible to all NJ residents 21+.  Stay connected to see when ATH-NJ will be ready for wholesale cannabis sales in New Jersey.

Corporate Responsibility 

ATH-NJ sees the legal adult use cannabis market as a tool to levy some of the wrongs the failed war on cannabis has caused. We have plans in place with community leaders to use profits from cannabis to give back to our communities food banks, after school programs, and substance abuse programs. We also have employment programs setup to improve those lives that have been negatively impacted by prosecution. 

Community Support

Support of our local community is an important relationship our leadership is proactive about maintaining. The cannabis plant has a distorted place in American history, we look to change public perception and gain our community support. Working with elected officials, community leaders, and philanthropy, we aim to serve our community as best fit.




PO Box 8640

Collingswood, NJ, 08108



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